Beetroot Tree Filming Log 25/09/11

Hey, all!

Super busy day of filming today at The Beetroot Tree for the video showreel of Louise MacIntosh-Watson, which was a lot of fun. We arrived at 9.30am for set up, and managed to grab some establishing shots before we moved onto the set. It’s got such nice natural lighting in the gallery that we didn’t really have to spend too much time fiddling with exposures; we were able to just use the same ones we had noted from our test shots last week.

As for the interview, it went really well once Louise overcame her nerves and the horses stopped crossing the road behind where we were filming. She discussed her influences, favoured techniques as well as future plans regarding her teaching career. We also managed to film some sections of her studio (also known as the kitchen!) with her actually going through the design process. Editing starts Monday morning and we’re looking forward to creating something great.

Thanks again to The Beetroot Tree for letting us use their wonderful location.

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